Conlon puts kids above all else

| 21 Mar 2012 | 01:49

    My mother once told me that people will only attack your character if they are jealous or feel threatened by you.

    I am seeing her words in action after witnessing recent attacks made by Jim Foody and Doris Aaronson.Their misleading attacks on Matt Conlon show their true colors.

    Matt’s work ethic, professionalism, and dedication to the children of this township are commendable.His strength in dealing with these attacks is impressive and shows maturity far beyond his years.

    Matt had my vote last April and he has not disappointed.His work on the board of education’s technology and education committees is truly inspirational, bringing new and exciting programs to our district schools.

    To those who attack him, I ask one question: What have you done for the betterment of the school children?

    Matt’s work on the board has made my decision to move to West Milfordone I am thankful for.

    In just 11 months, Matt has already made a difference in my daughters’ futures.I know him well enough to be sure he will keep up his impeccable work as he moves through his school board term.

    We need more people like Matt on the school board: intelligent and driven individuals who put the children above all else.

    Doreen Page West Milford