Conlon supports Signorino, McGuinness and Castronova in GOP primary

| 06 May 2019 | 12:33

    To the Editor:
    As a longtime proud Republican, former municipal GOP chairman and Board of Education Trustee, and lifelong West Milford resident, I am proud to publicly endorse Township Councilman Lou Signorino for Mayor, and Council President Pete McGuinness, and active volunteer Steve Castronova for council.
    We cannot move forward if we are stuck in the past.
    Our township sits at a standstill in its evolution, saddled with the burdensome restrictions of the Highlands Act and encumbrances of political gridlock. We need business leaders with a vision to restore vibrancy and pride in our community.
    Lou, Pete, and Steve all own local businesses and know what it takes to succeed.
    We cannot create affordability if we do not focus on restricting local spending.
    We need leadership that will allow my generation to be able to afford to live in West Milford.
    The council majority, led by Lou and Pete, have delivered multiple zero-increase budgets.
    In fact, they have not raised local taxes since 2016.
    These are proven results, not empty political rhetoric from a slideshow stolen off the state’s website.
    While none of us are perfect human beings, I admire and respect Lou, Pete, and Steve’s dedication to serving our community in multiple capacities.
    They have subjected themselves to unsubstantiated attacks from political operatives who lack the courage to seek public office.
    Attending countless monthly meetings and community events is not an easy task, and I commend Lou, Pete, and Steve for stepping up to the plate to serve.
    I am proud to vote for Signorino for mayor, and McGuinness and Castronova for council in the June 4, 2019 primary election.
    Please join me in supporting Lou, Pete, and Steve.
    Matthew Conlon,
    West Milford