Conlon's tales are just that: tall tales

| 23 Feb 2012 | 12:41

    Matt Conlon has resorted to a letter writing campaign designed to defame the character of two fellow board members. It was in his words “the best part of my tale”. A tale, as defined by Webster`s dictionary, is a narrative that relates the details of some real or imaginary event, a falsehood; a lie; a rumor or piece of gossip, often malicious or untrue. I am compelled to answer Matt's attempt to discredit Barbara Carter and John Aiello.

    Matt recently wrote on Jan. 18, 2012, among other tales, that “when it comes to the good of the children, though, her voice has become silent.” What Matt forgets to tell you is that at our Oct. 18, 2011 board meeting Mrs. Carter made a motion, seconded by me, that pre-algebra be added to the curriculum at Macopin School by January 2012. Guess who voted against helping the children? Matt Conlon, Wayne Gottlieb, Dave Richards, Marilyn Schultz, with Greg Bailey absent and Donna Richards abstaining. Barbara Carter, myself and John Aiello supported the motion, yet it failed. Do not take my word for it; check the minutes of the meeting approved by the board.

    Most recently, young Matt declared John Aiello a terrorist over the dollars that fund our children's future. He wrote last week that Mr. Aiello, at the May 2010 board meetingvia a motion tried to cut an additional $2.25 million from the budget. That statement is a bold faced lie designed to mislead the voting public because it was I who made the motion and it was for $2.5 million and it did pass but there were no additional cuts made. He also calls John Aiello and Barbara Carter cohorts; I know Barbara takes offense to that remark.

    In his letter attacking Barbara Carter, young Matt says about full-day kindergarten: ”I am opposed to doing so at the expense of our current district structure,” and in his letter attacking John Aiello he says “I support full-day kindergarten and would love to see it established in West Milford so that we can solidify the foundation of our children's educational system.” Young Matt, will you please make up your mind already.

    Finally, at our last board meeting, during our last petitions and requests when a member of the public was addressing the board and Matt disagreed with what was being said, he, along with two other board members, stood up and left the meeting and as he was walking out said “Haha you don’t have a quorum anymore.” Now that is what I call childish behavior!

    Matt you are not getting a free pass on this just because you are still a child.This is what we get in West Milford when we elect an un-emancipated minor to the board of education.

    These are my views and not those of the West Milford Board of Education

    Jim Foody Hewitt