Considering a full-time mayor

| 12 Mar 2024 | 09:56

    Should West Milford’s mayor be designated as “full time” and receive a pay increase from approximately $16,000 (current stipend) to a salary of up to $135,000 with benefits and pension?

    As currently proposed, the council would make an annual determination of how much to pay the mayor based on whether the work level is full time or part time.

    Three of our remaining group of former West Milford mayors made an unprecedented appearance at a recent meeting of the governing body to call attention to the significant concerns about such a proposal. Many people in town have concerns and questions as well.

    How should we proceed?

    • Establish a fair process, perhaps appointing a task force to gather information and prepare a report.

    • Solicit public feedback.

    • Fine tune the proposal.

    • And if there is sufficient interest, put a referendum on the ballot at the next election.

    Anyone observing West Milford should only see good government in action.

    Carl Richko, Glenn Wenzel, Phil Weisbecker and Bob Moshman

    West Milford

    Editor’s note: Richko, Wenzel, Weisbecker and Moshman are former township mayors.