Correcting a misunderstanding about regrant

| 07 Apr 2023 | 01:51

    Regarding the “Council supports request for Wallisch Homestead Funds” article in the March 24-30 edition, we would like to correct a misunderstanding that the Friends of Wallisch Homestead had been promised a regrant by the county which was subsequently withdrawn.

    This is not correct.

    Due to a minor communication gap, the Friends could not comply with one of the regrant application’s requirements, and so the time expired.

    We would like to reaffirm our ongoing valued relationship with the Passaic County Historic Trust, which has provided outstanding guidance and support to the Friends of Wallisch Homestead over many years.

    2023 marks the Friends of Wallisch Homestead’s 10-year anniversary.

    We would like to express our gratitude to the Township of West Milford plus our devoted volunteers and members without whom the homestead would now be beyond repair.

    The Board of the Friends of Wallisch Homestead

    West Milford