Current events require rigorous public debate

| 23 Mar 2021 | 11:59

    I’d like to give you kudos for allowing people to express unpopular opinions.

    Last year I responded to an opinion letter with unpopular information that nowadays would be labeled “anti-vaxx” (Incidentally, the initial opinion letter stated that measles was on the rise and we all needed to run out and get vaccinated to save the world. A few weeks later Covid hit the news and, once again, we all need to run out to get injected with a rushed experimental shot to save the world). I was shocked to see my letter, which challenged the official dogma, printed and largely unedited. Today I read an opinion letter written by Mr. Markarian, which challenged the accepted dogma concerning Covid and the injection. He effectively called out the incoherent “information” pushed onto the public by those who believe themselves to be our overlords and have taken it upon themselves to tell us how to think (yes, I’m talking about you Mr. Fauci and Gov Murphy).

    Few platforms allow “dangerous” ideas to be stated publicly, especially when those ideas (and facts) contradict the official Covid narrative, yet the Advertiser chose to not stifle debate through censorship. Recently the Advertiser printed an opinion letter written by a woman who bemoaned the fact that The Advertiser’s editor is printing opinion letters that she believes to be dangerous because they contain facts that she is either unaware of or doesn’t believe (want) to be true. She insisted that the Advertiser providing a platform for these ideas/facts/opinions to be express publicly is dangerous, and demanded that The Advertiser hire a “fact-checker” for the purpose of silencing debate when facts and opinions which challenged her own are expressed. I support her right to have her wrong thinking made public. It gave me an opportunity to practice ripping holes in her argument and solidifying my own.

    Yesterday I was talking to a family member of a patient of mine. She asked me for information regarding the mRNA COVID injections because she is aware that I’ve spent time looking into the subject. I told her that my employer has instructed me to not to talk about the issue. She was appalled, stating that people have a right to information so they can make an informed decision. We had a long discussion about the severity of the censorship that is being perpetrated on society these days, and the critical need for rigorous debate among scientists (who are also being silenced) and the public. Our founding fathers believed that an informed people is the only thing standing between freedom and tyranny. This is the reason that they established the freedom of the press, so that government tyrants could not silence the press, thus ensuring public ignorance. An uninformed public will not even be aware of the need to hold its public servants accountable. How could they, if they have no idea their public servants have conflicts of interest because the press choose to leave that inconvenient truth out?

    Unfortunately, our founding fathers didn’t foresee rich oligarchs buying up the press to control the narrative to the Elites’ advantage (which is the situation we find ourselves in today). Current events require rigorous debate. The fabric of our society is being actively destroyed by psychopaths in positions of power (including private citizens such as Bezos, self-proclaimed experts such as Gates, and highly-paid bureaucrats with conflicts of interest such as Fauci) who are gaining untold wealth through that destruction. The oligarchs have hired “fact checkers” who censor truth and spit out misinformation, blocking knowledgeable people from submitting facts to the public forum which disprove the official narrative or undermine the Elites’ control of public opinion. Critical thinking is not allowed. The Elites fear debate because they fear the public waking up to the war that is being waged against society.

    If Americans do not wake up soon, there will be nothing left to salvage. Humans learn through debate; we need our beliefs challenged, providing opportunities to critically think through our opinion, thus finding the flaws in our logic or solidify areas where we are correct. Debate brings facts to the surface that we are unaware of, and challenges us to substantiate others’ claims, as well as our own. Those who shut down debate either have an agenda or are too lazy to think critically. Not only do trained sheeple simply accept whatever they are told to believe, but they have also been recruited by the Elite psychopaths to attack and silence those who would search for truth and utilize critical thinking skills (they don’t even get paid for doing the Elite’s dirty work). Americans desperately need more debate, not less. Kudos to the editor for allowing public debate!

    Karen Folkerts