Dale, Goodsir and Gross right choice in primary

| 31 May 2019 | 02:32

    To the Editor:
    I ran for council as a Libertarian multiple times.
    Many people recommended I return to the GOP over the last few years, but Mayor Michelle Dale was the only person able to convince me to not only stop fighting against the Republican party, but that the party is still worth fighting for.
    She did so not with words but through her own personal example.
    She has an ability to overcome adversity, even after defeat, anticipates taxpayer needs, as she did with the bridge in our town center, and most importantly, she has specific, realistic, and achievable plans to improve our municipality.
    I had been growing frustrated with what I see as a departure of some Republicans from traditional conservative philosophies.
    The split is clearly illustrated in the West Milford primary this year.
    Local Republicans are set to choose between two sets of candidates with very different conservative ideals.
    As free market advocates and capitalists, it is tempting for conservatives to be attracted to the idea of treating government like a business., but that idea is antithetical to a constitutionally limited republic.
    The differences between the public and private sector exist for good reasons.
    Conservatives desire a smaller government, we are averse to government making risky investments because the potential losses are paid by increased taxes, and we expect our government to be respectful and responsive when asked how its actions does or does not realize our goals.
    It’s time the Republican party returns to its traditional conservative roots.
    I’m thankful to have this opportunity to support constitutional conservative Warren Gross and community servant Kevin Goodsir for council alongside Mayor Dale.
    They understand the nature and appropriate role of government.
    They have restored my faith in the GOP and I am excited to vote for them on Tuesday June 4.
    Michael Chazukow,
    West Milford