Debt ceiling should not be up for debate

Hewitt /
| 13 Mar 2023 | 04:00

    We need to talk about the debt ceiling.

    Republicans are framing the debt ceiling as “enabling the government to wildly spend money.”

    First of all, Republicans have always voted to raise the debt ceiling during Republican administrations (three times under Trump administration).

    Secondly, this isn’t about future spending. It is about the government not defaulting on its current debt.

    If the government defaults on its debt, it will be catastrophic for the American economy and programs that many Americans depend on will be cut. People will not receive their Social Security checks, the military won’t receive their salaries, veterans will not receive their benefits, millions of people will lose their jobs, retirement accounts will be depleted, and it will cause a terrible recession.

    Also, the nation could see even higher interest rates on its debt, and it will have worldwide implications as other countries won’t trust America to pay its debt, threatening our future financial stability.

    Lifting the debt ceiling should never be debated.

    Debating the budget, what programs should be funded, what programs shouldn’t be and how much to fund are all reasonable topics.

    But debating about lifting the debt ceiling should never be tolerated, as it would crater the American economy and jeopardize millions of Americans’ livelihoods.

    Please contact your representatives today and tell them to pass the debt ceiling and stop threatening Americans’ livelihoods with your nonsense.

    Laura Slott