Debunking bear "facts"

| 04 Oct 2012 | 01:39

    Larry Herrighty, the assistant director of NJ Fish and Wildlife Division, has stated bears are very smart animals. They can tell the difference between a hunter with a gun and a hiker. And do you know why that is? It’s their sense of smell. They can smell the evil of a hunter and the calmness of a hiker.
    Then he goes on to say, up in Sussex and Northern Passaic County (my area), people have lived with nuisance bears for years. Their trash must be stored in “expensive” bear-proof bins and they worry about letting pets out at night. Bears are on the move and a little education is necessary, yes. But a little “fear” couldn’t hurt either.
    Must be stored in expensive bear proof bins? Must be? Then why isn’t Fish and Wildlife enforcing this? My neighbors put out black garbage bags, no cans. When you pay $10,000 for a political fundraiser dinner, that’s expensive, a $100 can is not. West Milford provided two bear-resistant cans to homeowners in a so-called study area and many other towns could do the same, but don’t.
    A little education is necessary? I haven’t been to or even aware of a Fish and Wildlife bear education presentation in 10 years. What brings Fish and Wildlife to my area is to capture and euthanize a bear and to give their bear hunt seminars.
    A little fear couldn’t hurt either? Do they mean scaring people with bear fear? Is that the fear they speak of?
    Letting pets out at night? Up by me, there are many other creatures to worry about other then bears, there’s coyotes, skunks, raccoons, snakes and foxes to name a few.
    I have so many neighbors that don’t have fenced in yards that just let their dogs roam loose. They call their dogs and the dog doesn’t listen as I have been barked at and approached many times. I’ve had neighbor’s dogs on the butts of bears chasing them into the woods or up trees.
    Bears are on the move? Really? I’m outside all day farting around the yard, I’m out in the woods hiking, yet I’ve seen only two bears this year. I live in bear country. Where are the bears? If there is a lack of natural food source, this means many female bears will not be having cubs come January/February. Once again, where’s the science from Fish and Wildlife proving 900 cubs will be born 2013? And last, if sightings and nuisance complaints are down 57 percent from last year, then why is another hunt needed?

    Lily DeMarco