Directional Signals

Hewitt /
| 13 Sep 2022 | 01:40

    If everyone would use their directional signals my blood pressure would go down.

    It’s a really selfish, self-centered, lazy and/or narcissistic thing to not use your directional signals.

    Is it really a burden to lift your hand and use your blinkers?

    Are you stoned, drunk, low IQ or do you just not care?

    Are you so special that you don’t need to follow the rules of the road?

    There are places in West Milford where people depend on drivers to use their directionals.

    The fork where Union Valley Road meets Macopin Road, the fork where Union Valley Road meets White Road, the fork where Warwick Turnpike meets White Road, the fork where Greenwood Lake Turnpike/Warwick Turnpike meets Union Valley Road. The end of Marshall Hill Road at Greenwood Lake Turnpike, the end of Morsetown Road at Marshall Hill Road, the fork at Marshall Hill Road and Lincoln Avenue, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    My conclusion is that you just don’t care. You’re so self-absorbed in your own life that you can’t bother diving safely. You’re the same person that tailgates.

    Hopefully some day you will realize that you are not the only person in the world that matters, and you can find some concern for others.

    Matthew Gallmann