Finish the job

| 24 May 2012 | 01:40

    I am running for re-election to the Republican County Committee in the June 5 primary on the line entitled "Golden Rule Republicans."We are using that designation because the current party boss, Carmelo Scangarello, has chosen to forgo his "GOP Strong" designation of the past several years because he sees an advantage in claiming affiliation with the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization (PCRRO), as is his right under our present set of by-laws.Do not be fooled, they do not have the support of the PCRRO or its chairman, Assemblyman Scott Rummana, but are a renegade group trying to destroy the party as it presently exists. Don't take my word for it. Look it up on the official PCRRO Web site.

    These are the people whom the DEP cited for the mismanagement of our MUA.These are the people who are responsible for hiring Appraisal Systems Inc. to do the revalue of our township resulting in over 700 appeals.Perhaps we may even have to hire another firm to do it right.Look it up on the ASI Website...local properties go up,Newark properties go down.Why was this firm hired?Property owners in Princeton have sued them, Montclair or Nutley had to do it over, and Bloomingdale is in the same mess we are in.All this was known or could easily have been found out by our "GOP Strong" dominated council when it decided to hire ASI and bond to fund their fee.

    Last year you soundly defeated their three candidates.Lets finish the job and clean up our party.Vote for Marilyn Lichtenberg and JoAnn Blom for council, and the entire "Golden Rule Republican" team for County Committee.

    Glenn R. Wenzel West Milford