Foody endorses Aiello, Shanler

| 12 Apr 2012 | 12:46

    It is school board election time and letters supporting candidates have filled the papers and most of those letters contain false information which is designed to confuse the voting public. One such letter written by Karen Romer, who is a school employee and West Milford Parents Association President, needs to be answered. First she claims that our board attorney costs $450 an hour; try $170 and they are there for bullying cases, negotiations and personnel issues not because of board members and it is not hundreds of thousands of dollars that we spend on legal fees. She and others claim that board members create the school budget - that is another false statement because it is done by the administration. So, if someone votes no it is because questions were not answered satisfactorily concerning $5.3 million on average that has been spent over the budget that is voted on by the board for the past 10 years. That is simply being responsible. I personally support our staff, the children and the tax levy but I want the budget to be transparent so it will always pass. It is being responsible to ask questions because as board members we are required to see that the schools are well run.

    Is it being responsible to ask the public to vote for three candidates who will be a rubber stamp? Is it being responsible for anyone, including board members, to endorse Greg Bailey as a candidate when he has missed 16 of the last 29 school board meetings and all of the superintendent interviews? Is it responsible to campaign as she did against SROs in the schools? I don't think so.

    John Aiello has always asked tough questions because he wants the most bang for the buck. I would rather have someone asking questions when it comes to our school budget than a rubber stamper because that doesn't guarantee a thorough and efficient education. Please join me and vote for John Aiello and Adrienne Shanler for the board of education on April 17.

    Jim Foody Hewitt These are my personal views and not those of the West Milford Board of Education.