Former councilman questions mayor's plan

| 16 May 2012 | 12:19

    It appears Mayor Bettina Bieri’s top secret plan for re-organizing our police department has taken yet another blow with the "unexpected" retirement of Chief Chiosie. One week after chastising the council for not confirming her appointment of the chief to the Public Safety Director’s position, the chief announces his retirement. Are we really to believe this is part of some brilliant plan? Is it possible to be more out of touch than to be utterly oblivious to the retirement plans of your hand-selected appointee one week prior to his retirement?

    To Chief Chiosie, best of luck in retirement and thank you for your service to West Milford. For the record, if the mayor had merely put your appointment to a vote last year, instead of politicizing the whole process, you would have had my vote.

    Speaking of former West Milford police chiefs, I see the council recently voted to substantially increase the retainer provided to the attorney who is handling the township’s defense against a lawsuit filed by former Police Chief Paul Costello. Isn’t it time we start questioning exactly how much taxpayer money Mayor Bieri plans on spending, while furthering her baseless personal vendetta against our former police chief? Seriously, when the cost of the litigation starts approaching the amount of the original claim, as it is here, aren’t taxpayer’s entitled to an explanation?

    Two fine former chief’s of our police department, one the mayor outright disrespects and disdains, the other, well she’s just clueless to his personal plans. I guess a lack of leadership continuity is part of her brilliant scheme for our police department. I mean, really, three police chiefs in less than two years has to be a record for any mayor. Nothing like being able to work well with others.

    Speaking of Mayor Bieri working well with others, what are township residents to make of the fact that the township administrator, who delivered a zero budget increase for the residents, and six of our seven township department heads, have resigned since Mayor Bieri was re-elected in November? Do they know something the voters didn’t know about Mayor Bieri?

    Dan Jurkovic West Milford