Giving a BOOST to help others

| 22 Mar 2012 | 12:19

    Volunteerism is alive and strong in West Milford. The Association for Special Children and Families has, for the past three years, sponsored a free tutoring program, BOOST, to help the special education students of West Milford succeed in school.

    This program is completely run by volunteers from the coordinator, a special education science teacher, to the tutors who include teachers, special education teachers and other professionals.

    BOOST has helped over 30 special education students improve their math and reading skills and especially their confidence. Some students need that little boost and some one-to-one to keep them on track with their peers.

    This help for the students, which operates at no expense to the West Milford Board of Education, is the brainchild of Board of Education Trustee John Aiello. He helped scout out locations for the program and did much of the legwork to get it started. He firmly believed that volunteers would step up to the plate and he was right.

    The Association for Special Children and Families expresses a heartfelt thanks to all those citizens who volunteer to help make West Milford a caring community to be proud of.

    Andrew Abdul Sr. West Milford