'Golden Rule' makes better world

| 03 Dec 2018 | 01:02

To the Editor:
Dec. 7 would have been my mother, Veronica Mitchel's birthday, and each year I like to remember her by telling this story about her and helping to spread the word.
Many years ago when my mom was in the hospital they put an identification bracelet on her and a nurse asked her what her religion was.
My mother replied, “GR.”
The nurse said she had not heard of that religion and asked what it was. My mother explained to her that she believed “You should do unto others as you wish others to do unto you” (GR = Golden Rule). She said she was sure it was every God’s Rule.
I wish to spread this belief on to everyone whether they are religious or not. If all people followed the GR Rule we would be a better world.
Please follow and spread the GR Rule.
Happy holidays,
Marilyn Lichtenberg,
West Milford