| 31 May 2012 | 01:32

    When one gives thought to the Golden Rule, you would not consider slander, vengeance or the portrayal of lies and mistruths as characteristics of this code. An individual can be considered the possessor of such malicious characteristics even if not personally expressing such vial comments. Hiding in the background and allowing their team to disparage those who they oppose, exhibits the lack of integrity.

    Such are the tactics utilized by the Golden Rule team. When Golden Rule Republicans Marilyn Lichtenberg and JoAnn Blom have their campaign managers and letter authors Glenn Wenzel and Doris Osterhoudt do their dirty work for them, Lichtenberg and Blom are equally guilty of violating the Golden Rule they claim to stand by, “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”

    This is truly not the campaign creed of the Golden Rule Republicans because they do not practice what they preach.Their campaign tactics are a violation to the Golden Rule motto. And their behavior is an ethical outrage and insult, especially to a West Milford Republican Council Candidates Vivienne Erk and Mike Hensley, who refused to initiate such tactics against fellow Republicans.

    The Passaic County Regular Republican Organization candidates Erk and Hensley consider it an honor and privilege to be allowed to share the line, Row C, with our Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Congressman Garrett, Assemblywomen Betty Lou Decroce, and Passaic County Freeholders Marotta, Ciabrone, and O’Connel. This is the line of ethics and the row of Republican integrity. I ask you to support the Republican team of Row C on June 5.

    Joe Smolinski West Milford Councilman