Gottlieb is wrong about Aaronson

| 15 Mar 2012 | 12:27

    Interesting response to Doris Aaronson's letter from Wayne Gottlieb. Wayne didn't tell you how he called Doris after reading her letter and screamed and swore at her. Guess that letter hit him where it hurts.

    Wayne apparently doesn't know Doris is the secretary of the West Milford Democratic County Committee and that she voted for Carla Horton and Chris Garcia for township council and had no political debt to pay John Aiello for the election of Ada Erik. Amazing that Wayne thinks board seats are to trade for political favors and mudslinging. Also amazing is that Wayne doesn't think he engages in petty politics yet Carmine Scangarello paid for his meet and greet and allowed him to speak at a PAC fundraiser while not allowing two of his opponents to even attend when they had paid for their tickets.

    I know Doris, and no one prepared her letter. John's supposed problems on the school board are a combination of Wayne's imagination and his creation.

    Wayne forgets that Doris has taught in Washington DC public schools and has taught the future teachers of America in her NYU classes. Doris has a bachelor's degree in education from the University of Maryland and an MA in education from Columbia University. Wayne's problem on the board is that he focuses on politics and not on curriculum for the students. Carter, Foody and Aiello raise issues on curriculum, not Wayne.

    Finally, John's son may be in a private religious school and John's older children graduated from West Milford High School, but Wayne has no kids in any kind of school unless they are in “Wayne's World.”

    Jim Novack Hewitt