Grateful for our community newspapers

| 10 Dec 2019 | 09:11

    In an era where many communities find themselves starved of local reporting as newspapers decline, suffering from the negative consequences of the inability to hold power to account and unable to celebrate/acknowledge all the day to day actions and accomplishments of its citizens, students, volunteers and athletes, we are blessed indeed to have multiple newspapers out there muck-racking and covering the myriad of actions and events that make up a community - be it government, scholastic, business or non-profit, be it good, bad, or ugly. A community without a newspaper strains the community, and far too many communities are left to fill that void with national news that means little to each of us on a daily basis, if at all.

    To all the publishers, editors, copywriters, opinion writers and gum-shoe reporters, thank you. I know it’s the best couple of dollars I spend each week.

    Chuck Petersheim

    Catskill Farms