Hensley and Erk:Capable and Independent

| 24 May 2012 | 01:41

    For me, as perhaps is the case for some of you, the business just isn’t there like it used to be.Yet I am thankful for what my family and I have, most especially each other.Taxes go up, the cost of food goes up, and the mortgage gets harder to pay.While I have no influence over the cost of food or interest rates, I am still doing my personal best to keep West Milford taxes low and move towards an even tighter municipal budget all while holding our personal and property rights at heart and maintaining the public safety.Those of you who follow town politics know that I always vote my conscience.Some tell me that this is honorable while others take it is a weakness.I only do it because I believe it is the right thing to do.

    I’m still humbled by the trust that I was given as your representative on the Town Council.I am also sympathetic towards those of you who feel apathy and distrust for the political system, whatever your reasons.At times, I must admit, I too feel frustration and disdain for the political dramas and slanders that are thrown around, especially around election time.Nevertheless, we all live here and together we need to make this the best West Milford we can for our families, our neighbors, and our community as a whole.

    On June 5, there is a contested primary for nominations to run as the official Republican candidates for Town Council. Over the next several days, many of you will be deciding which of the candidates deserve your trust and support.I am writing this letter to ask you to join me in supporting candidates Mike Hensley and Vivienne Erk.

    Mike is a teacher, knowledgeable in American history and politics, and I know him to be patient, level headed, and well versed in the consequences of arbitrary laws and over-taxation. As a personal trainer, Mike has the ambition to succeed and the will to help others better themselves.These are some of the traits that will enable him to be a great councilman. He dedicates his time to several organizations including the Heritage committee, Sustainable West Milford, and Green Fest.

    Vivienne has a wealth of experience as a paralegal. Her understanding of the way the legal system works will be a great asset to the town if she is given this chance to serve the residents. Having experienced life on a fixed income, she understands the hardship that many of our residents are experiencing.She is a dedicated volunteer having served for many years on the Ambulance Corp, Zoning Board, and the Heritage Committee.

    Mike and Vivienne are both personable, easy to talk to, and very understanding.They both actively participate in ALF, volunteer for Beautification Day, and are involved in the Republican club here in town.

    I am confident that as a team they will strive to move West Milford towards a better tomorrow.A tomorrow that restricts tax increases, promotes effective government, and features civil discourse.Neither Mike nor Vivienne has run for office before and as such they owe no political debts, carry no political grudges, and will be able to do at all times what is best for the taxpayers of West Milford.

    Please join me this June 5 in voting for Mike Hensley and Vivienne Erk in the Republican Primary.We can’t afford not to.

    Lou Signorino West Milford Council President