I am looking for a non-Goldman-Sachs governor

| 26 Oct 2021 | 08:58

    To the Editor:

    With many issues facing New Jersey, our governor’s race is quite important. Let’s take a look at Gov. Murphy’s accomplishments:

    1. Appointed an attorney general, who on his own declared NJ to be a sanctuary state, not only telling police, prosecutors, and judges to not ask about immigration status when a crime has been asserted, but prohibiting police from cooperating in any way with ICE agents.

    2. Murder, rape, and car theft are on the rise.

    3. Increased the “millionaires” tax which actually burdens small businesses and slows investment in new business.

    4. Made NJ a moved-out of state. Why? Taxes and jobs

    5. Businesses and corporations also moved out. Why? Taxes

    6. Marijuana, a popular substance, was voted as legal, after years of making medical marijuana so difficult to obtain for both children and adults who needed it for treatment. Now, there are stories of extra strength marijuana that can severely affect teens. But, don’t worry, people under 21 aren’t allowed to purchase it.

    7. After following Gov. Christie’s plan for funding public sector pension funds for one year, Gov. Murphy has ignored bipartisan plans to make new worker-benefit changes that could shift the burden of pensions off the taxpayer while helping govt. employees secure their retirements and benefits.

    8. Approved building windmills off NJ beaches without realizing the detriments, while ignoring the “generation 4” nuclear plants, whose safety, low waste, low cost attributes are probably the only solution for those alarmed by CO2 levels.

    9. And finally, whatever our opinion about abortion, the state using public funds to pay for and promote it is questionable.

    In my mind, I am looking for a non-Goldman-Sachs governor, one who has business experience, an accounting background, legislative experience, and an intelligent, reasonable nature. Check out the last public debate between Gov. Murphy and candidate Jack Ciattarelli on YouTube before you vote.

    Luann Byrne