If Covid-19 is too dangerous for Republican delegates, why not protect our children and their parents and grandparents?

| 27 Jul 2020 | 06:30

    To the Editor:

    Our President Trump took action and cancelled the Republican Convention scheduled to convene in Florida. To paraphrase the President, too many lives would have been put at risk if we were to cram all those delegates and special guests into a location. I believe that is the best call... good job.

    Now, I wonder how he plans on having the delegates vote for their nominee...paper ballot? In so doing, at least the public would be assured of a verifiable vote (except in the Georgia delegation). I would also assume that the President will do a 180 degree and announce that he would now have confidence using paper ballots in the general election. This could be a first for me, but I would support him in that effort.

    Just one last question that has been bothering me since he forced the Centers for Disease Control to now back opening schools nationwide: If exposure to Covid-19 is too dangerous for Republican delegates and special guests, why is it not important enough to protect our children and the parents/grandparents they will come in contact with? This I will not support.

    Peter Compa