If NJ keeps sending Democrats to Trenton and Washington, we all will go bankrupt

| 27 Jul 2020 | 06:02

    This is in response to Michael G. Busche’s letter that suggests that Senator Mitch McConnell may be to blame for higher taxes. Nice try.

    People in New Jersey and number of other Democrat ruled states are taxed at exorbitant rates and have been for many years. On top of that Democrats pushed thru impossible to keep obligations.

    The federal money would just give governor free hand to switch state funds around and keep spending for sanctuary state, endless waste, regulations etc. etc.

    The state does not have any “rainy fund” money. Where our tax money is going, just look at your tax bill and see who has plenty of money to advertise for Democrats.

    If this state will keep sending Democrats to Trenton and Washington, we all will be bankrupt soon.

    The real tax increase will result from the new obligation to repay with interest the next federal trillion or bigger “package” demanded by Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer.

    On the personal note, four of the companies I have worked for moved to other states because of high taxes and regulations here.

    Wieslaw Mokrzecki