In support of Conlon

| 29 Mar 2012 | 12:24

    We want to start off by saying that we support Matt Conlon: always have, alwayswill. He is a very special individual who has chosen to use his talents to benefitour children in West Milford.

    Seeing Jim Foody and Doris Aaronson attack Matt puzzles us. We don’t understand why they are going out of their way to criticize Matt for stating facts in his recent letters to the editor.

    Knowing Matt as we do, we are not surprised that he stated the truth when discussing board of education issues and holding people accountable for their actions. He is an honest person who calls things how he sees them and lets the facts speak for themselves.

    We do not know Jim or Doris personally. After reading what they have written andseeing their immaturity and classlessness, we would like to keep it that way.But let us remember the facts. As parents, our children are our top priority. School is a top priority for our children so they can grow, learn, and succeed. Matt’s work on the board of education is furthering that goal.

    We want to end with this: Our children are better off because Matt Conlon is on the board of education. Yours are too. Those are the facts and they speak forthemselves.

    Sandy and Randy Theriault West Milford