Jack Ciattarelli: New Jersey’s solution

| 25 Aug 2021 | 09:48

    November’s general election will determine the fate of New Jersey.

    The state will either prosper under Jack Ciattarelli’s leadership or meet its demise should Phil Murphy be re-elected.

    Under Murphy, New Jersey leads the nation with residents fleeing the state and high property taxes. The people of New Jersey have had enough with a tyrannical administration who puts New Jerseyans last and forces a radical socialist agenda down our throats.

    Instead of running for re-election, Phil Murphy should consider a job at U-Haul; he would quickly become the company’s number one salesman.

    For the last year and a half New Jerseyans have been subject to draconian lockdowns and capricious mask mandates. It’s time to put power back into the hands of the people and restore our individual freedom as Americans.

    New Jerseyans deserve to believe in themselves and their beloved state once again.

    Phil Murphy believes in total government control and will shortly mandate vaccines for all, requiring residents to disclose sensitive health information against their will.

    And don’t forget: due to Phil Murphy’s gross negligence over 8,000 preventable deaths occurred in our state’s nursing homes and long term care facilities.

    Jack has a clear plan to jumpstart our struggling economy by lowering property taxes and decreasing the size and cost of state government.

    He will ensure an equitable distribution of state aid for schools, while taking into account the best interest of students. No child or community will be forgotten.

    Education will be reformed with a greater emphasis on civics, workforce development, and school choice.

    When it comes to infrastructure, Jack will accelerate capital investment by leveraging the best delivery systems, while also ensuring that our most economically disadvantaged communities are positively redeveloped.

    While Phil Murphy jets off to his private villa in Europe, Jack Ciattarelli tirelessly travels the state to learn how he can best serve the people of New Jersey.

    In November, voters have a choice to preserve liberty, equality, and opportunity.

    Under Jack Ciattarelli New Jersey will be a state where young people, the future of our economic prosperity, want to live and work and a place where seniors, who have worked hard to make our state great, can comfortably retire.

    The working poor and middle class will begin to prosper. With Jack, the American Dream will be achievable once again in New Jersey.

    If you’re considering staying home on November 2nd this year: Fuggedaboutit.

    Jack Ciattarelli needs your support to help rebuild the Garden State.

    Alex Majewski

    Deputy Executive Director

    Sussex County Republican Committee