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| 10 Jan 2023 | 05:53

Regarding “Sussex County union leader says employees in crisis”:

“If you want to make more money, you have to commute either down Route 23 or Route 80 like most everyone else in Sussex County has to do. People who live and work in Sussex County do not have the cost associated with this nor the two hours each day sitting on the road, burning up their car, when they could be home with their families ... . It’s a trade-off, folks.”

- Jeffrey Fletcher

Regarding “Vernon students may be required to wear ID”:

“Just what problem are the ID requirements seeking to remedy? Are nonstudents wandering arround the halls, sneaking in and attending classes? Have there been incidents and if so how many and why haven’t we heard about them?”

- Robert Matthews

“I disagree with putting this burden on the young students and having spot checks is crazy if you ask me. Why can’t we hire police to stand on the doors during school hours, that seems to be a logical, friendly, secure deterrent.”

- Louis Pereira

With reference to the article “The Vernon Township Board of Education plans to require students in grade 4 and up to wear their district-provided identification around their necks at all times,” has anyone considered the choking hazard to the wearer of the student identification? Maybe an arm-band identification holder would be a better choice?

- Keith Sutton, Wantage

Regarding “Democrat launches bid for Sussex County commissioner”:

If the population is decreasing in the county, I couldn’t be more pleased. Overdevelopment since the 1970s has destroyed the rural nature of Sussex County. We certainly don’t need a single additional condo or apartment complex. More people leads to more demands for every conceivable service and ever higher taxes. Things were so much better 50 years ago. Sad what has happened to my beloved Sussex County!

- Michael Garrett