Kevin Goodsir and Matthew Conlon for West Milford Town Council

| 08 Oct 2022 | 03:56

    I’m proud to endorse Kevin Goodsir and Matthew Conlon for West Milford Town Council.

    Kevin Goodsir was elected to his first-term three years ago. I endorsed him at that time because of his dedication to volunteerism and community service. As his colleague on the town council, I’ve seen how those values make him a humble servant as well as a strong leader. He’s taken the initiative on many new programs in the township and his tireless work ethic made him the clear choice for council president.

    Council President Goodsir’s running mate, Matthew Conlon, is very active in local politics and has what it takes to represent every Highlander. Matt is excited to work with Mayor Dale and the rest of the town council to build on the many achievements of the last few years. Matt’s focus aligns with the rest of the council member’s focus — reducing the township debt so we can provide more and better services without increasing West Milford’s budget. This is the winning formula.

    Goodsir and Conlin agree that now is the time to come together for West Milford. They share the drive and determination to continue working to make this town a better place for everyone to live. Both understand fiscal responsibility, attention to detail, and putting the citizen first. They share the vision and understanding of our township’s values.

    I am excited to see Kevin and Matt, united, as candidates to be our next two council members. I encourage all Highlanders to vote for them this November.

    Michael Chazukow

    West Milford Councilman, Representative for District 8 to the WM RRO

    West Milford