Killing geese not the answer

| 19 Feb 2019 | 12:12

    To the Editor:
    Scientists will confirm that the most invasive and polluting species on our planet is the human species and that is what is polluting our lake.
    Geese are not the major source of lake pollution.
    How many more studies and hundreds of thousands of dollars have to be wasted to tell us that there is ecoli and bacteria in the southern end of our lake? What’s the point if we don’t ever act on the root causes.
    It is well known that human waste and sewage is being dumped into the lake and the weed problem persists.
    It is my hope that the $500,000 annual grant the (Greenwood Lake) Commission expects to receive will be used to resolve these issues appropriately instead of snapping necks and slaughtering wildlife.
    The commission seems determined to continue snapping the necks of hundreds of geese when there are humane alternative ways being proposed to control the population.
    We were told at the last meeting that addling the eggs in spring would be part of the USDA contract, even though they only found seven eggs last year?
    Now the commission is backpedaling on that commitment even though volunteers from the community have offered to help.
    It is my observation that the Commission has been dismissive and rude to members of the community who want to control the geese humanely.
    A petition has been signed by 600 people and I wonder if the commission has even looked at it.
    Other lakes much bigger than ours have worked with the community to resolve these problems in the right way.
    We are a small lake comparatively and we can and should do the right thing.
    We can achieve our biggest successes when local government and the community work together to resolve our problems.
    I hope the Greenwood Lake Commission will work with the community to control our goose population in a humane way.
    Joyce Dannheim,
    Greenwood Lake