Lessons on race not yet learned

| 06 Jul 2021 | 10:01

    To the Editor:

    After seeing the events that occurred in Tulsa 100 years ago on CBS and which were also taught to me by a well known African- American named Hyman Lewis; I see we have a long way to go.

    Professor Lewis was in the initial spy agency located in the White House. Unlike Theodore Roosevelt, the FDR administration had African-Americans go in the back door. So it was with Hyman Lewis.

    With all the Republican governors in the South taking away voting enhancements for Black and Brown voters, the result is disgusting. I am further appalled by racial slurs and these voting changes. I am still bothered by the rants of Trump on a August takeover, and the traitor General Flynn on his proposed government takeover.

    The South and characters in the North have been sold a bag of lies. My family fought for the north in the Civil War. I remember them.

    Florida Gov. DeSantis with his blind eye to racial issues and unaccepted views on civil rights is swinging the other way. Sadly, he is running for president.

    One lesson learned from a Japanese professor is that reparations are long overdue.

    Bill Weightman