Let’s challenge monopolies

| 30 Sep 2022 | 01:46

    You know who I’m talking about ...those internet, TV and phone service providers. They use their size and financial resources to price-gouge us and get away with it! You know they do and we roll over reluctantly and pay. True.

    How do we combat monopolies? We fight back. We need tougher regulation and tougher antitrust enforcement to start out with. We need to build the power of ordinary folks such as you and me to be able to join forces to work to combat these monopolies. We need to help small business owners to find alternative means. We need to investigate how they were able to attain their power over us to begin with, break it down and strip them of their massive power. We need a change in attitude. There is strength in numbers.

    We need to make our local government truly representative, involving people from all parts of town with online council meetings and town halls.

    Collectively with our power we can fight back! In this upcoming election let’s support the candidates that will challenge these monopolies and will work to fight back. It has been said, nothing worthwhile is ever easy. We need to unite our residents to solve real problems and real concerns. We fight back. Enough is enough!

    Terry K. Milin

    West Milford