Letters were disrespectful of Conlon

| 19 Mar 2012 | 01:19

    As grandparents of four children who are in the West Milford school district and taxpayers in this town for 13 years, we are appalled and disgusted with recent letters to the editor attacking board of education trustee Matt Conlon.

    The comments made by Jim Foody and Doris Aaronson in their letters are repulsive, classless, and embarrassing, especially coming from Mr. Foody. He is a hypocrite for doing the exact thing he accused Matt of doing.

    Referring to him as “young Matt” multiple times in the letters just shows the immaturity of these two individuals. After seeing the childish letters written by these so-called “adults,” it is clear that their attacks on Matt are out of jealousy.

    Mr. Foody, Matt did not even address you in his letters. Ms. Aaronson, the same goes for you.

    Show our elected officials some respect, regardless of age. You don’t see people addressing John Aiello as “old John,” now do you?

    We know that Matt Conlon will keep up his outstanding work in fighting to improve our school district and community for the benefit of all the children and taxpayers.

    That’s why he was elected by a thousand votes last year and he has done nothing but show us why choosing him was the right move.

    Debbie and Joe Coppola Newfoundland