Lichtenberg supports Dale, Goodsir and Gross

| 24 May 2019 | 11:00

    To the Editor:
    I am writing this letter to tell you about my friend Mayor Michele Dale, and what she has been able to accomplish in the few short months she has served as mayor.
    Michele first served as a Township Councilwoman from 2014-2016.
    Having not known her previously, I was immediately impressed by her acumen and innovative ideas.
    She is an absolute wiz with figures, which is perhaps one of the reasons she is excellent at long-term planning.
    She is always looking ahead, never missing any details, and her care for our township and its future is evident.
    Michele is also super responsive to residents.
    She promptly replies to questions and concerns, and if she can’t do so immediately, she will tell you.
    She doesn’t pander or belittle, rather she listens, engages in dialogue, and provides honest answers and feedback.
    Since taking over for our former mayor, Michele has been met with constant obstruction.
    Nonetheless, she has already accomplished two major goals:
    (1) She improved our township bus routes by linking them to local businesses along the route. There are now expanded hours and more pick-up and drop-off locations.
    (2) She unveiled a plan for our town’s future economic development,including a study to be paid for by the Highlands Commission—not West Milford taxpayers. The Commission was so impressed with her ideas that they asked Michele to serve as its Mayor representative, a position that will enable her to continue to promote our township’s interests.
    Through her actions, Michele has demonstrated her tireless commitment to improving West Milford.
    I am excited to support her as she seeks to continue serving as mayor.
    Michele is also running alongside two fabulous council candidates, Kevin Goodsir and Warren Gross.
    Kevin and Warren are two of the hardest working people I know: Warren is on our Planning Board and Building Standards Committee and Kevin is a lifelong resident, union carpenter, and dedicated community volunteer.
    The two of them are ready to work with Michele and the rest of our council to move West Milford forward.
    I hope that you will join me by lending your support to Michele Dale, Kevin Goodsir, and Warren Gross for the June 4 primary election.
    Marilyn Lichtenberg,
    West Milford