Melissa Brown Blaeuer seeks your vote on Tuesday

| 28 Oct 2021 | 01:17

    West Milford has not had a candidate for the New Jersey state legislature since the 1970s. I was asked to consider a run for the state assembly in 2021 late in 2020, based on my years of dedicated and inclusive community involvement in West Milford and political campaigns at the local, county and state levels.

    My name is Melissa Brown Blaeuer. You may recall that I ran for town council in 2014 and 2015. Since then, I served on our Beautification and Recycling Committee for several years, at one point as Secretary and Vice Chair. I also served on our Community Services and Recreation Advisory Committee and the Municipal Utilities Authority. I am a proud mother of a 2016 WMHS graduate and was an engaged band parent and graphic designer for the Tattoo programs.

    I am currently on a short hiatus from my sixth year on the West Milford Economic Development Commission where I serve as Vice Chair for tourism and have worked for many years to design and promote our business certificate and recognition program, design and man the ALF booth, collect economic, grant and promotional research, develop a business directory and a website that will be launching soon to host our business directory and promote our town, recreation and residential features and community value.

    My strong work ethic and numerous interests and skills have served me well throughout my career. I take an inclusive, friendly and personal approach to relationships, and I am a problem-solver by nature and professionn. I ask questions and seek to bring out the best in others and develop new and innovative ideas. I focus on real problems and put forward a vision for the future that promotes bottom-up economic strength and stability and personal prosperity by cultivating the talent and opportunity of individuals. I’m a sincere patriot, faithful to our founding values of enlightenment, racial and gender equality, religious freedom and a strong commitment to the Golden Rule and loving thy neighbor.

    When you cast your ballot for the 2021 election on November 2, please consider me and my running mate Pamela Fadden, a high school math teacher from Jefferson, as your choice for the NJ Assembly. I will be your local, accessible, connected voice to Trenton. I will put forward legislation to lower property taxes through regionalization of administrative and other shareable services with all stakeholders respected and included, expand school curricula to promote entrepreneurial, trades and 21st century business know-how, balance our bottom line as a watershed community, and positively impact our property values and the culture of West Milford while conserving its pristine and vital natural attributes.

    Yours truly,

    Melissa Brown Blaeuer