More is at stake in this election

| 24 May 2012 | 02:22

    The Golden Rule Republicans was formed in opposition to Carmen Scangarello and GOP Strong to clean up politics in West Milford. On June 5, there will be a Republican primary to elect two Republican candidates for town council. It is very important to also elect West Milford County Committee candidates. The County Committee responsibility is to elect the West Milford Republican Municipal Chairman, presently Carmen Scangarello, as well as selecting candidates to run for town council on the Republican ticket in the future.

    Presently all the West Milford County Committee candidates running on the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization line run only with the blessing of Carmen Scangarello who has the power as West Milford municipal chair to decide who runs on the line of his choosing. Because of a click in the law, he has the right to run a slate of candidates on the PCRRO line, which he has repeatedly opposed in the past. Just go to the Web site and see what they have to say about Scangarello and GOP Strong.

    Marilyn Lichtenberg and JoAnn Blom are running on the Golden Rule line for town council but they are also running as West Milford County Committee candidates along with Ada Erik and many other Republicans against Carmen Scangarello's candidates. Some of Scangarello's candidates include Joe Smolinski, Mike Ramaglia, Dan Jurkovic, Phil Weisbecker and Harry Clark. This election is more than a town council election. It is an election for the heart and soul of the Republican Party in West Milford.

    Doris Osterhoudt West Milford