New and promoted officers deserve recognition

| 19 Jan 2024 | 05:06

    Upon reading your Jan. 12-18, 2024, edition, I noticed that you made no mention of the officers who were promoted with our new Police Chief Shannon Sommerville on Jan. 3 other than to mention that “several other officers were promoted” and you completely dismissed the fact that two new police officers took their oath of office.

    You should have furnished who those officers, promoted with Chief Sommerville, were.

    Allow me to furnish the information:

    • Capt. Anthony Parrello, serving since 2006.

    • Lt. Mathew Kloo, serving since 2011.

    • Sgt. Jonathan Bergman, serving since 2016.

    Two new police officers are Patrol Officer Ryan Vath and Patrol Officer Michael Tartarilla.

    Try to remember that the oath of office of a new police chief is a big deal for any municipality.

    Promoting a new line of supervising officers at the same ceremony is even a bigger deal and adding new officers to the mix ... well, doesn’t happen all the time.

    These officers have and will dedicate their careers to protecting and serving the residents of West Milford and deserved better.

    Rodman D. Marshall

    West Milford

    Editor’s note: Marshall is a retired chief of the Fair Lawn Police Department.