No more excuses

| 07 Jun 2012 | 01:15

    The school board election is over and I look forward to working with our two newest members on the issues that affect our district. I have heardthat now that John Aiello and Barbara Carter are off the board of education, things can get done; that Mr. Aiello was stopping things from moving forward and that was portrayed in many letters to the editor from other board members in the months before the election.Mr. Aiello was painted as the all powerful Wizard of Oz, buthe was just a man behind a curtain, as in the movie, with no power as a minority member to effectuate any change.

    Mr. Aiello was in the minority and was their excuse, so I guess next year I will be.

    The truth is, he was shut out from any effective discussion, as was Barbara Carter and myself. There was always a majority that controlled the meetings and the discussion. I tried unsuccessfully to have a policy adopted which would have saved the taxpayers money regarding how we do construction. I tried to recover misappropriated funds as well as see that our meetings are run properly, according to state law, our policy and by-laws. All have been opposed by the board majority.

    I am here as a minority voice but I often represent the majority of taxpayers and staff. I`m here to get a job done and make no mistake about it - I am no rubber-stamper.

    Jim Foody Hewitt These are my views and not those of the West Milford Board of Education.