Please, let’s stop the name calling

| 07 Dec 2020 | 05:21

    Why don’t we stop calling one another names and accept a basic underlying fact that we all share: We are all Americans! Why resort to demonizing and name calling? Why not talk about how to solve some of the issues our nation faces. How to deal with the pandemic, to minimize exposure, illness, and death. Discuss methods to distribute the coming vaccine. How to help those of us economically effected by the pandemic.

    We bailed out the banks in 2008. Why not bail out the people in 2020? We are the wealthiest country on the planet and yet we have homeless people. For me, it is a contradiction. How do we correct this?

    These are some of the domestic issues we need to deal with. There are many others, as well as international issues. We may disagree on how to solve problems but solve them we will as Americans. All of us! Someone once said: “We all do better when we all do better.” Amen to that.

    Don Robbins