Racism in America

Newton /
| 13 Sep 2022 | 01:28

    If anyone is unaware of the current administrations attempts at stoking racial tensions to divide this country’s citizens, they’re either bias or have been living off the grid for the past couple of years. No country on the face of this planet is immune from racists, this level of evil is always going to exist. When an act of racism is exposed, it should be dealt with swiftly and punishment charged accordingly.

    Politicians at the risk of demonizing America, label it a racist nation, this is a despicable lie for the sole purpose of garnering votes from those that choose to be a victim. America has endless examples proving it is not a racist nation. Perhaps the greatest example is the millions that have risked their lives for a chance to cross our southern border, hoping to call America home. One minor example is the varied ethnic restaurants which wouldn’t survive if it weren’t for Americans of different backgrounds visiting these business’ regularly. Another simple example that will put a smile on your face, is a video of people of different races feeding off of each other’s enjoyment; which can be found on You Tube. Put the name Blanco Brown in the search box and look for the song “The Git Up” and this will truly show how Americans feel about their fellow man/women. Racists like murders, rapist and pedophiles etc. can be found in America, but unequivocally, America is not a racist nation, no matter how hard politicians try to paint it as such.

    Tris Tristram