Reader endorses BOE, mayoral, state assembly candidates

| 22 Oct 2019 | 01:29

    To the Editor:

    I heartily endorse Steve Drew for West Milford School Board.

    He is an accomplished financial and economics professional serving the town for many years as a school board trustee and vice chair of the economic development commission.

    I have the pleasure serving with him on our fabulous EDC since 2015, appreciating how he works both angles to raise our economic prospects and property values by raising the quality of our children’s education throughout the system — at a fair price.

    I also endorse Bob Nicholson for West Milford Mayor.

    Bob will bring change with a unique personality and fresh, creative perspective to a council dogged by private agendas and hurtful political grandstanding.

    Bob is a longtime resident who served on the economic development and currently on the cable TV commissions and Passaic County Film Board.

    He has a bold six-point vision to enhance senior services and recreation, promote affordable housing for young families, better weed management by stopping toxic spraying and enhance beautification, improve leadership and morale for town employees, and embrace West Milford ecotourism in a big way.

    Learn more about Bob at

    Lastly, I will cast my vote for fresh blood in the 2020 NJ State Assembly — for two amazing, outstanding professional women — Christine Clarke and Laura Fortgang.

    Their bold agendas will help put our Highlands on the ecotourism map, conserve fiscal and environmental resources, and prioritize working and middle class families.

    Their intelligence, maturity, honesty, and responsiveness will unseat roadblocks and private agendas with the public goods in Trenton.

    They will represent all of us.

    Remember to Vote Row A — all the way.

    Your vote counts more than ever.

    Never take our enlightened democracy nor its significance in the world and world history for granted.

    Consider registering to vote by mail.

    Please do make a concrete plan in your schedule to vote on Tuesday Nov. 5 — before work, at lunch or afterwards.

    Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    Don’t watch from the sidelines and complain.

    Don’t sit out our — and our children’s — future.

    Melissa Brown Blaeuer,