Reader responds to 'diatribe' letter

| 13 Mar 2019 | 06:52

    To the Editor:
    I’m writing in response to John Tyrell’s “letter” to the editor in last week’s paper.
    It is more of a hateful diatribe than correspondence written to share a viewpoint or an opinion.
    Is it really furthering anyone, or in good taste to print that "Democrats are the party from Satan?"
    He spouts hatred and insults at Sue Wilson for what she wrote in a letter to the editor, referring to "her and her ilk," which I guess means women, and in the same sentence calls the governor a pail of garbage.
    Mr. Tyrrell then signs his letter “respectfully yours”. His use of that phrase is unwarranted since there is nothing respectful in what he wrote.
    Personally, I truly appreciate Straus News, but I think you fell short on editing this particular letter for “good taste”.
    It invites no civil discourse, discussion or debate. And the lack of willingness to discuss things civilly, to dedicate ourselves to sorting out our problems for the benefit of all without resorting to name calling and spewing vitriol is more to the point of what is “wrong with this country” than the slurs he throws around so freely.
    Like it or not, we’re all in this together folks.
    Robin Rose Bennett, Hewitt