Reader supports GOP Committee slate of Dale, Gross and Goodsir in primary

| 06 May 2019 | 12:26

    To the Editor:
    Primary election day is fast approaching and Republican voters have important decisions to make.
    There are two slates of Republican candidates seeking the Mayor’s and two Township Council seats.
    Lou Signorino is running for mayor, and West Milford voters already turned him down three years ago.
    He has sat on the dais as a councilman for eight years and I ask voters to consider if you are better off now than you were eight years ago.
    What has Signorino accomplished?
    How has he improved our quality of life in West Milford? How would he be as our mayor?
    As I watch council meetings, he comes across as shallow and vindictive.
    Do we want a mayor who is so childish that he sits on the dais and records members of the public?
    Do we want a mayor who doesn’t think about the consequences of his decisions, to wit, firing the Administrator without just cause and a well thought out succession plan in place?
    This poor decision is costing the township tens of thousands of dollars.
    One of Signorino’s running mates abruptly quit a council race two years ago after making headlines in the local paper.
    His other running mate doesn’t seem to understand the duties and responsibilities of a councilman.
    On June 4, I will be voting to give Mayor Dale a full four-year term.
    She has a vision and a plan to move West Milford forward and will reach across the aisle to work with our elected representatives at both the county and state level.
    I will also be voting for her running mates Warren Gross and Kevin Goodsir, who will offer her the support that is needed to get things done.
    I’m fed up with the political grandstanding and theatrics that we get from Mr. Signorino.
    Jim Novack,
    West Milford