Regarding the opinion ‘Move on from the hunt’

| 16 Aug 2022 | 10:40

    To the person that suggests hunters just want to “dust off their Ak-47s” to hunt bears, you should be more aware of your state gun and hunting laws before criticizing. No centerfire rifles can be used to hunt in NJ — EVER. And as a resident that has had several bear proof cans destroyed, they don’t work as you think. Also, fun fact, the manufacturers know they don’t work well, which is why you can’t just buy the lid (the part the bears usually destroy). Of course, our awesome local business Pequannock feed farm usually will help you get a replacement (thanks guys!). Don’t approach questions of biology and environmental issues with emotion alone.

    The “carrying capacity” of our area simply does not support the bear population, and hunters make use of a resource that would otherwise be wasted, and potentially cause issues along the way. Grow up people, you don’t live in a cartoon. Nature is not your mother (or she would probably ask why you don’t call more). Contrary to what you say, the bears were not here before us. The population of deer and bear in NJ is exponentially higher than before any white man set foot on this continent.

    If you want to reintroduce wolves, mountain lions, and level some developments to return us to the original balance, I am all for it. If not, then do some homework and start thinking like a scientist and not a poet.

    Frank Santora