Resident supports Signorino for mayor

| 13 May 2019 | 04:56

    To the Editor:
    I am taking this time to write what I have noticed going on in town.
    I have been a resident of West Milford my entire life and many of you know me from my time working at Vesuvio’s Pizza.
    It is very troublesome how a town mayoral race can be so hateful and judgmental, when it should be based on which candidate has proven to deliver positive results.
    I have known Lou Signorino for many years.
    He is a respectful and kind family man.
    I have contacted him a few times with some ideas for the town and he was always happy to listen.
    His record of public service proves his willingness to hear the concerns of local residents.
    Time and time again, Lou fills the need as an advocate for improved local services and a brighter future for West Milford’s children and senior citizens.
    This mayoral election should be about who is going to do what is right and best for our town, plain and simple.
    I am sure most residents want to see lower taxes, a higher influx of funds to our local economy, better schools, more convenient jobs, added things for our kids to do, less drugs, and most of all, a town where people want to live.
    I can honestly say I know Lou wants his four sons to grow up in this town, and raise their families here in the future.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you do not know Lou, I encourage you to reach out and meet him.
    He is always open to hearing residents’ wants and needs.
    I also suggest you research both candidates and make a decision on the information you gather.
    I do know Lou Signorino, and will be voting for him on June 4.
    Cheryl Bauer,