Richards endorses Bailey, Babbitt, Koeppe

| 11 Apr 2012 | 04:58

    Gregory Bailey, Inga Koeppe and Kevin Babbitt, West Milford Board of Education candidates, have my unequivocal and enthusiastic support and endorsement in the upcoming April 17 election.

    Among many strong assets, they all are fiscal conservatives, understand the need to do more with less, and are keenly interested in representing the community taxpayers on the West Milford Board of Education.

    They come with no personal agenda except to move West Milford schools forward to be an excellence school district.And at the same time will help the board seek to alleviate the fiscal pressures West Milford currently is experiencing.Achieving this balance is vital to ensure West Milford property values are enhanced and vacant homes are filled with new families.

    When elected, they will bring a voice of reason, candor, openness, and passion for education, along with fiscal insight. This is a unique and important perspective for the board as it weighs the school's future, especially including the hiring of a new superintendent.

    This is why I am fully supporting Inga Koeppe, Kevin Babbitt and Gregory Bailey for school board.We need their level headedness and good judgment to put us on the right path to a brighter future for our children.

    Please vote 2-3-4. David J. Richards

    Hewitt These are my opinions and not necessarily those of other individuals on the West Milford Board of Education.