Rules protect the welfare of everyone

| 30 Dec 2023 | 09:58

    This is regarding the letter to the editor “People do have a choice” in the Dec. 29 paper.

    The letter writer is correct; We do have choices. We can choose to not be vaccinated, we can choose to not wear a mask during Covid outbreaks, we can choose to not keep our distance from others while you are ill, or we can choose to drink and get behind the wheel.

    However, sometimes government intervention is required to save ourselves from each other (and ourselves).

    If masks didn’t help minimize the spread of Covid, along with hand washing and other steps, why did state and local governments implement mask mandates?

    If vaccines didn’t reduce the spread or severity of Covid (or the flu or whooping cough or polio or measles), were they just playing some sick joke on us? I think not.

    There is substantial evidence, and not just in the U.S., that properly designed and fitted masks along with vaccines reduced the spread. The vaccines may not be 100 percent effective or 100 percent safe, but I, for one, will take my chances.

    There are reasons that rules, guidelines and laws are put in place: To protect the welfare of everyone. Just like seat belts, speed limits, DWI laws and others.

    Chris Gluchoski

    West Milford