'Russia, Russia, Russia'

| 27 Mar 2019 | 01:51

    To the Editor;
    For nigh on three years now the mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, just to name a few, have foisted on the American people an absolute lie and fostered that lie day after day after day.
    They have called for the imprisonment of the president and members of his family for treason and various other crimes.
    These crimes, I might add, punishable by death in many instances.
    Complicit with the MSM is the Democratic party in the shape of Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Adam Schiff and many others who told us that we have a criminal in the White House who colluded with Russia to steal an election in the United States.
    These forces did nothing less than attempt a coup against the legally elected head of our government.
    There must be a reckoning now that their lies have been proven false.
    The least of this must be that anyone who watched the broadcasters and read the “news” reports must stop patronizing these outlets immediately and watch them go to the graveyards they deserve.
    Additionally, an investigation must be opened immediately into where these lies started and why an investigation was allowed to continue when it was obvious from the start that this was a partisan witch hunt developed under President Barack Obama, fostered by the failed Hillary Clinton campaign, and continued by a deep state that couldn’t and wouldn’t respect the 2016 election results.
    This cannot be allowed to pass with nothing done to correct the horrible crimes that took place by a few in power that were and are sore losers.
    The hierarchy of the FBI must be cleared out and replaced with non-partisan representatives of the greatest law enforcement body on Earth, those agents of the FBI who work tirelessly each and every day to ensure that we are safe.
    Democratic lawmakers should be hounded about their lies until the next election cycle when they can be voted out and replaced by reasonable representatives, willing to work for the good of the American people.
    Republican lawmakers who stood by and watched without comment should suffer the same fate.
    This great nation is owed an enormous apology from those sectors of society that propagated these lies and continued them for all of this time.
    Don’t hold your breath.
    These sanctimonious fools will never apologize for their crimes.
    After all, they were only following orders from their puppet masters, people like George Soros and Jeff Zucker who fund their socialist agendas.
    Robert Ruth, Hewitt