School board election is important

| 01 Mar 2012 | 12:18

    Elections are coming. Be informed. Please pay attentionto the best choices. Greg Bailey is running again. He's a great guy. We do want to keephim. Also Kevin Babbit. He's the husband of Marcie who has a great heart and served on the board herself for many years. We wantMr. Babbit. Last but not least is Inga Koeppe, a mom from Paradise Knollschool and very active and involved. We want Inga for our kids.

    I know life is busy and, when it comes time to vote for newboard of education members,this is really important and has such a great effect on the lives of our children. Vote, but vote for the oneswho will help our schools be better -Bailey, Babbit and Koeppe - and the kids will reap the reward.Vote April 17.

    Nancy Frueh West Milford