Science defiance

| 10 Aug 2020 | 05:31

    So here we are. We are in the midst of a pandemic, enduring pain, death and an epic presidential failure never before seen. Keeping in character Trump has said: “No, I take no responsibility.” Turning Truman’s saying upside down by implying “the buck doesn’t stop anywhere near me.”

    Since mid-March (in terms of American deaths) our nation has suffered fifty 9-11’s. And yet we have no national policy. On anything. Next week we will reach the grim milestone one American death per minute. And we will still have no national strategy on testing, tracing, re-opening schools or anything else. Trump’s magical thinking (one day it will just disappear.) is not working. Meanwhile, our neighbor to the North is winning the Covid war by following the doctors and scientists. Canada has a leader. We do not.

    The fantasy of 2016 : “We’re going to build a big, beautiful wall. The most beautiful wall the world has ever seen And Mexico is going to pay for it!” The reality of 2020: The world has built a wall around us. And we are paying the price. We are in Covid jail and we deserve it. So put your passport in the sock drawer because the world (except for Mexico, Turkey and Tanzania) wants nothing to do with us. Even Trump’s puppet master, Mr. Putin, won’t allow us into Russia.

    Defiance of science has led us into this catastrophe but following science can lead us out. So Fauci up everybody, put on a mask and save hundreds of lives. Perhaps even your own. The latest White House press secretary keeps chirping “as the president has said, it is a personal choice.”

    No, it is not. It is not a personal choice. Refusing to wear a mask is no more a personal choice than is drinking six beers and a bottle of vodka and then going for a joy ride on Route 15. In the time of Covid refusing a mask is driving drunk as you talk, cough, wheeze, and sneeze on everyone in your path. Wear a mask. Then vote.

    Jerry verDorn