Separate parking needed for small, big vehicles

Hewitt /
| 20 Dec 2023 | 10:25

    Many pickup trucks and SUVs are huge today.

    These behemoths are so big today, they are not allowed to park in parking garages and cannot fit in home garages.

    Next time you are go shopping at ShopRite, Cosmo or Home Depot, take a look to see how these vehicles are larger than the painted parking spots.

    When I go grocery shopping, and one of these behemoths parks on one side or both sides of my Ford C-Max, it creates a hazard when I try to pull out into the entryway because these monsters block my line of sight.

    At Mack Trucks in Allentown, Pa., there was a parking lot for the workers who drove American-made vehicles and another for those who drove foreign vehicles, as suggested by the United Auto Workers union.

    Calm down, Libertarians, you can buy whatever you want, but a law needs to be passed that separate parking areas are created for cars and another parking section for SUVs and pickup trucks.

    It is time we had separate sections in parking lots to separate the larger vehicles from the smaller ones. It would make life easier and safer for the tax-paying citizen owners of smaller vehicles.

    It is an easy fix.

    James Geist