Solutions please, not a debate about goose poop

| 19 Feb 2019 | 12:05

    To the Editor:
    I would like to begin by saying I do support a humane approach to solving the water fowl problem on Greenwood Lake.
    However, I was disappointed after reading the Committee for Humane Geese Control's opinion piece on the topic published last week.
    The author spends their words attempting to convince us that excessive goose poop isn’t a bad thing, and goes on to suggest (without evidence) that the Greenwood Lake Commission is misleading, disingenuous, and potentially corrupt.
    I don't think this is the right approach for the committee to acheive its namesake goal.
    To get the ball rolling in the right direction (and off whether poop matters), I can highlight actionable common ground.
    Both sides should agree more education and enforcement of the no feeding water fowl law already on the books in West Milford is a great way to humanely help keep the population controlled.
    Feeding geese and ducks artificially increases the carrying capacity of the lake and encourages migratory birds to become permanent residents.
    It's pretty amazing to see how many people feed birds at Brown's Point, the marinas, and off their boats.
    Clearly people are unaware of the law and the ultimate consequences of their actions.
    We can't feed the birds with one hand, and kill them with the other.
    No feeding signs should be posted at Brown's Point and the local marinas.
    Educational materials should be sent to lakefront property owners.
    Police already on patrol should confront violators.
    These actions are very simple, affordable and above all, humane.
    Michael Manzione,