Support Mayor Dale in upcoming election

| 22 Oct 2019 | 01:36

    To the Editor:

    Mayor Michele Dale took office last year.

    Yet in only a short time, she has convinced me that she has the potential to be the best mayor our town has ever seen.

    Although she has many amazing qualities, I attribute this potential to only one quality.

    Mayor Dale is proactive.

    She anticipates taxpayer’s needs.

    Even after addressing an issue, she continues to search for ways to improve.

    In the spring, she worked with the county to mitigate traffic in town that was the result of bridge construction.

    That communication continued throughout the season as West Milford roads saw many improvements.

    Mayor Dale stayed involved, communicating with residents, resolving traffic concerns, and upgrading our infrastructure.

    This summer we had a heat wave.

    To help residents avoid the dangerous temperatures, she opened Bubbling Springs to the public, waiving the normal fee.

    Not only could residents beat the heat, but those who came out that day had a sneak peek at what is available and may become future members.

    Mayor Dale’s solution to an immediate concern also had a long-term benefit.

    As summer turned to fall, residents in Awosting wanted to appeal the state closing of their beach due to harmful algae blooms (HAB).

    The state denied the appeal and even denied that they ordered the lake closure.

    Mayor Dale acted decisively, notifying the state that her administration would give advisory information to the public but would not close lakes, unless specifically instructed by the state to do so.

    This addressed the inconsistency of the New York side of Greenwood Lake, and private docks, being open but public beached closing.

    It also holds the state accountable to take responsibility for closing the lakes our community depends on for our livelihood.

    Mayor Dale only took office last year.

    This letter doesn’t scratch the surface of what she has done.

    She’s proven that she’s got a vision for West Milford’s future and I’m excited to see what she can accomplish with three years.

    I urge all my neighbors to vote for Mayor Dale on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

    Michael Chazukow,

    West Milford